Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum of Life
This visualization shows Kyle's skills - Design, Design Research, and Product strategy as top skills with Business, Agile, and Coding as sub-skills.
Digital Designer & Product Owner with 10 years of experience in digital product research, design, and strategy in cross-cultural environments. Passionate about the intersection of product strategy, design, and organizational transformation, I’m at my best where product complexity comes from the context.

I have experience in design consulting for fortune 100 companies in both Austin and Shanghai. Played key roles building in-house capacity on teams undergoing agile transformations in the US, El Salvador, Myanmar, and on remote teams. I’m currently an MBA student at the University of Illinois. I hold, a BFA in Design and certifications as a Scrum Master, Scrum Product Owner, and Full Stack Web Developer.
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2021 - Present

J.P. Morgan; Onyx

Design Strategist, VP
New York City, USA
J.P. Morgan's Onyx division sits on the cutting edge of the application of enterprise-grade blockchain to streamline global finance.
Why I went...
As one of the globe's oldest and largest private banks, J.P. Morgan offered me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of global banking and finance. By joining the organization's "Onyx" division I got to work day to day with teams using a forward-thinking model of innovation to explore new business opportunities with blockchain-enabled network technologies.
What I learned...
I learned a lot about both how banking and payments work today, and how they may work tomorrow. The team's knowledge about all things blockchain helped round out my own perspectives on things like:

* Private Permissioned Blockchain Technology
* Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins, and Central Bank Digital Currencies
* Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
2019 - Present

Masters of Business Administration

University of Illinois;
I've long had a fascination with all aspects of entrepreneurship and value creation, so I decided to pursue an MBA to balance out my knowledge of all sides of a business.
Data & Analytics Concentration
The Data and Analytics concentration gave me a taste of both the broad strategic implications of creating and deploying data analytics capabilities in an organization as well as experience working with data and building models in R.
Global Challenges Concentration
The Global Challenges focus area built on my international experiences with a toolbox of frameworks to use in interpreting global strategies.
2020; New York City

Grid AI

Lead Product Designer;
New York City, USA
I was one of the first two employees at Grid AI, an early-stage startup focused on building products that streamline the process of machine learning. As well as learning a great deal about the process and practices of machine learning, I got a chance to experience the trials and challenges of an early stage startup.
What I Learned
Grid gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the the potential of and processes behind machine learning today.

Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp

University of Pennsylvania;
My experience with development teams has taught me that a better understanding of how things are built is invaluable not only for facilitating better product outcomes, but for building bridges early with development teams. Plus, I just enjoy coding, so when I had the opportunity to take a little time off after my time at Yoma Bank, I enrolled in a 6-month full stack web development bootcamp to sharpen my skills and knowledge of the coding world.
What I Learned
The bootcamp gave me a lot of exposure to a variety of languages used in modern web development including:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap & Responsive Layouts
  • Cookies & Local Storage
  • React
  • Git
  • Heroku
  • SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Express
  • NodeJS

Yoma Bank

Lead UI/UX Designer
Yangon, Myanmar
Worked with the Head of Service Design to hire, train, and mentor a team of designers to facilitate Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) based Yoma Bank's digital transformation. We built a team of designers, business analysts, product owners, and developers that connects in-field insights with functioning digital products within the organization's broader service design framework.

As UX Design Lead, my responsibilities leaned on my experience and knowledge of digital UX design and agile methodologies to lay the groundwork for design-ops practices and processes that helped the organization transition to an agile workflow with a customer-centerd focus.

frog design

Senior Designer
Shanghai, China
As a Senior Designer, I worked in both Shanghai and Hong Kong to help clients understand and develop product strategies for Asia's fast-changing markets. My responsibilities included planning, conducting, and synthesizing findings from design research as well as crafting workshop experiences that helped companies realize value and develop strategies from these insights. As an interaction designer, I also helped clients transform these strategies into high-resolution digital-design artifacts and coached client-side designers on the best practices that would enable them to successfully implement solutions in-house.
2016 - 2017

121 Giving

Lead Product Strategy & Design Consultant
As a product owner and designer at 121 Giving, I've concentrated on streamlining the customer experience through crafting a more cohesive brand narrative and product flow.
2013 - 2016


CEO | Product Manager
MedicSana is an mHealth company targeting underserved segments in growing economies.

I wore many hats at MedicSana...

As Chief Executive Officer, I've been in charge of MedicSana's overall strategy and direction. I helped the company raise a seed round of investment that enabled us to go full time and hire contractors to build the product and am in charge of the day-to-day relationships with stakeholders and partners.

As Designer and Researcher, I was responsible for building our qualitative research strategy that enabled us to identify a viable value proposition and design the interface for our MVP.

As we entered production, I used my knowledge from our research to play the role of Product Owner on our scrum team.
2012 - 2015

frog design

Interaction Designer
Austin, U.S.A.
My mentors at Frog taught me to use storytelling as a means to bring an empathetic understanding of consumers into the business world. As an interaction designer, I helped craft a cohesive experiences across branded ecosystems. With the Frog team, I gained experience in the entire design thinking and execution process including secondary research, planning and moderating contextual inquiries, and presenting, synthesizing and ultimately designing experiences based on research-driven insights for several Fortune 100 clients.

M3 Design

Industrial Design Intern
Austin, U.S.A.
As an intern at M3 Design, I developed my industrial design skills gaining hardware design experience in the industrial tablets, medical, and pet care industries. Through sketches and physical prototypes, I helped the team not only find the balance between ergonomic requirements and engineering constraints, but develop and express a brand language for a product that would become a flagship device in our client’s process management product line.

Zap Electric Vehicles

Industrial Design Intern
Santa Rosa, California, U.S.A.
As an Intern at Zap, I got to explore the inner workings of an Electric Vehicle startup. Day-to-day activities included helping engineers and fabricators construct and document new prototypes for US and Asian markets. In addition to physical fabrication, my skills in Solidworks were a huge help to the team, particularly after being trained with 3D scanning software. The team also leveraged my sketching skills to quickly explore new concepts for future projects.

I also had the opportunity to represent Zap at the Korea Green Forum in Seoul, South Korea. At the conference, after my presentation to more than 200 policy makers, trade organizers, and industry leaders, I was able to network with many green businesses on the international stage providing new partnership and marketing opportunities for the company.
2006 - 2011

University of Kansas

B.F.A. Design
Industrial Design
The University of Kansas' design program formed the foundations of my understanding of design. The Industrial Design concentration offered a balance of both aesthetic and material foci, as well as emphasis on cognitive human factors of design and design thinking methodology. My "classical" design training held a heavy emphasis on the bauhaus curriculum, as well as courses in design and architecture history.

I graduated early from the program earning the award as the"Distinguished Designer" in the industrial design concentration.

Folkwang Universität der Künste

Industrial Design Student
Semester Abroad
Essen, Germany
During my semester in Essen, I attended classes primarily in German gaining experience and perspective of design practices in another country. I participated in projects sponsored and Mercedes and Mars Petcare Europe. My project for Pedigree was one of those selected and awarded.


Urban Simulation Intern
Plano, Texas
I worked for HNTB as an intern three times between 2005 and 2010 with both the Urban Simulation and Landscape Architecture departments.

With the Urban Simulation department, most of my work entailed using 3D Studio Max to creating 3D representations of architectural projects from engineering drawings for user testing, pitches, and marketing purposes. This included a wide range of responsibilities from graphic design, basic movie editing, texture creation and 3D modeling.

In the Landscape Architecture department, I assisted with renders of proposed concepts and spent some time with CAD software developing planning documents for new projects.